Fall Arrest Kits

Construction Kit AA195


* AB11313 - 2-point PRO fall arrest harness

* AC410 - 10 m of 10.5 mm rope with AJ501 carabiner

* AC400 - Viper mobile roped fall arrester

* AM450/80 - 0.80 m stitched loop, blue

* AK053- Storage bag


All Protecta Fall Arrest Kits now include the new generation of PRO harnesses


* Lighter materials for improved comfort

* Quick fastening buckles for ease of use

* Standard impact indicators for improved safety

* Improved label protection for extended life of the harness


Complete ready-to-use kits


* Contain the necessary equipment required to ensure the safety of your workers

Complies with the following European standards: EN353-2: Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line EN354: Lanyards EN360: Retractable-type fall arresters EN361: Full body harnesses EN362: Connectors EN795-B: Moveable temporary anchor devices


FIRST Economy Compliance Fall Arrest Kit AA1040

Comprising a lightweight harness with rear fall arrest point and an energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard, length 1.75m with screw gate karabiner and scaffold hook, delivered in a closed plastic bucket by delivered in a back pack



1x AB17510A harness

1x AE5101 lanyard


Net weight : 2300 g

Standards : EN361:2002 and EN355:2002