FERU understands that f hazards don’t discriminate; they present chenges at the most inconvenient locations, across multiple industries. That’s why we offer an array of f protection solutions to suit any application. Browse our products for general industry, or contact us if you don’t see what you need. If we don’t have the solution, we’ll engineer it just for you.

Off-Shore Lifejacket for use with Harness

Off-Shore Lifejacket for use with Harness

Off-Shore Lifejacket for use with Harness

* Off-Shore Lifejacket with back D-ring opening may be used with a variety of harnesses including our Delta No-Tangle™ harnesses that offer greater comfort and added safety

* Constructed CERTIFIED Hi-Vis orange fabric and 62 square inches of solas grade reflective tape

* Foam filled head support collar with two vertical adjustable straps and hinged back panel for comfort – includes safety whistle

* Polyvinyl chloride foam buoyant material provides a minimum buoyant force of 22 pounds (98 newtons)

* Size = Universal (Adult)

* Inspected and tested in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Catalog No. 1600 Type 1, U.S. Coast Guard Approval No. 160.055/187/0. UL listed Issue No. B-8050


It’s a dangerous job. They need to be noticed. DBI/SALA’s Hi-Vis Off-Shore Lifejackets are for use day or night when visibility and protection counts! The lifejacket is approved for use on vessels making safety and easy choice in difficult weather conditions. These lifejackets are ideal when you already have your f protection harness and you now need both visibility and flotation protection.


DBI/SALA knows that while on the job you need comfort, mobility, versatility and safety! We've designed each component and accessory of our safety systems to be fully customizable, ready to fit any size or shape. And because every safety system provides flexibility and full mobility, we make it easier to keep working productively while remaining fully protected.

Saflok Steel Carabiner

* 2 3/16" gate opening

* Self-closing/Self-locking gate for increased safety and security

* Steel construction for durability

* User-friendly design for simple operation even while wearing gloves

* Gate Face withstands a load of 3,600 lbs. (up 220 lbs.)

* Side of Gate withstands a load of 3,600 lbs. (up 350 lbs.)

* Minor Axis withstands 3,600 lbs.

* High strength construction with a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 pounds

* Compatible with most connecting rings

* Meets or exceeds applicable industry standards including OSHA and the the new 2007 ANSI Z359 standard


DBI-SALA's carabiners are an extremely versatile choice to keep your system securely connected. Workers appreciate the reduced weight and easy operation it offers.