Descenders & evacuation systems

TROLMATIC Inclined Plane Descender AG399

* Allowing users to escape the hazardous area by moving sideways.

* More particularly, this system is designed for the evacuation of personnel

* derricks.

* Requires a load-bearing cable (Ø 12mm) to be insted, and use of the AG300 evacuation carriage.

* Self regulating descender for use on inclined planes, with load-bearing cable

* Angle of load-bearing cable: 30° to 60°

* Metal housing, stainless steel cable Manual cable retraction

* Speed of descent is automaticy regulated: 4 m/s

* Maximum load: 136 kg


Useful Length: 100m

Unit Weight: 27kg

Standard CE EN 341 class B: pending


Evacuation trolley AG300



* Descender device, on galvanised cable 12 mm diameter, evacuation seat on inclined cable, manual brake system, maximum load: 136 kg, numerus successives evacuations possibilities

* Material, trolley: cast iron, brake block: bronze, seat: steel

* Net weight, 7,85 Kg




BIMATICII Descender device AG152

*Comply with standard 0086 EN 341 0082/037/160/06/98/0092

*Descender device, alternative system, self control speed: around 1 m/s, centrifugal brake, maximum load: 136 kg, possibility of several successives evacuations, standard NF-EN341 class C, cromium- plated metic casing

*Rescue straps, polyamide - width 45 mm, strength > 20 kN

*Wire rope, galvanised steel core ø 4 mm, external diameter 8 mm, sheathed with a polyester braided sleeve, breaking strength > 1300 daN

*Karabiner strength > 25 kN, opening 18 mm, high-strength electro-zinc-plated steel

*System breaking strength > 12 kN

*Net weight 3,6 kg

*Comply with standard 0086 EN 341 0082/037/160/06/98/0092