Mobi Lok




With a Vacuum Anchor System at your workers’ side, they can anchor to virtuy any smooth, non-porous surface simply by flipping a switch and waiting for the green light. So whether they need to repair a skylight atop a locomotive or repaint a section on a water tower, they’ll always be able to quickly, and easily put themselves where they need to be—without putting themselves in danger.



Our most portable, user-friendly Vacuum Anchor System. Designed for basic, one-person use, this system is completely self-contained. No separate pumps, vacuum hoses or other components. It can be powered up quickly and easily with a single, on-board compressed gas bottle or a large capacity detached bottle, or shop air.

* Main Support Assembly: Anodized Aluminum

* Vacuum Seal Pad Material: Natural Rubber/Polybutadiene Blend

* Electronics: 4 AA lithium batteries

* On-Board Compressed Gas Bottle Requirements: 3,000 psi,

* Dimensions: 55 cm x 55 cm x 15 cm

* System Weight: 9.0 kg

* Capacity: 140 kg ; One person

* Surface Temperature Range: -29˚C to 60˚C

* Minimum Vacuum Anchor Static Capacity: 15 kN

* Shop Air Requirements: 80 – 150 psi




Key features-Benefits include:


- Secure anchor point

- Easy to use carrying handle

- Fail-safe backup system with audio alarm

- Shop air quick-connect

- Natural rubber/polybutadiene blend seal won’t break down and will last in a harsh environment

- Pad conforms to work surface as sm as 1.52m in diameter for jobsite flexibility

- Optional bottle attachment provides increased portability

- Visual vacuum level indicator