About FERU

About FERU

For everyone who didn't know yet....


We believe that it isn't security but a human's life that comes first!

What is a human's life worth in your opinion? What is your own life worth?


We would say priceless!!


FERU is a company that goes back to 20 years of experience in the safety industry. Our applications range private homes to large corporations, London to Dubai and mines to the clouds. We have already exceeded this limit by equiping aircrafts.

The company was founded in 1990 in Heilbronn - Germany and has contributed in large parts to the development of insted safety barriers over the past decades. Our staff include safety engineers, industrial climbers, steel fitters and structural engineers. So we can ensure you that projects planning to delivery and the training is carried out by us. In 2005 we took the plunge in Turkey. Safety at work was not written in capital letters in the past, but FERU is changing this. Due to the high demand, we decided to finy move the entire company to Istanbul, where we are situated today.


It is less important to us if you hire us, or which product is purchased, what we are rey interested in is protecting your lives and those of your employees. FERU is responsible for the planning, instation, and also the revision of f protection, where our customers have the choice between several products different vendors and thus also influences the price. What appears as too complicated or too dangerous to others, is just the perfect chenge for us. As long as people do not grow wings, they will inevitably need to be protected fing ... And the best way to avoid a crash is simply FERU.